Since 1999, we have focused on providing Greater Boston Area dentists with what is important to them: professionalism, communication, punctuality, promptness, consistency and of course, great looking and correctly fitting restorations. We offer full dental laboratory services such as custom abutment, CZR (LAVA), crown empress, veneers and many others.

Being a small dental lab, we give meticulous attention to detail and quality in the work we do. We are not a "factory" like lab where each employee adds his own interpretation to a dental crown as it moves down the "assembly-line". We give each case the type of anatomy, occlusion and contacts that you want to see.

Our team is not in the who-can-make-it-cheapest contest. On the contrary, our team is in the WHO-CAN-MAKE-IT-BETTER contest.
We strive on providing Boston Area doctors with perfection, customized service, individualized attention and commitment to excellence.

If you have a preference for dental alloy or a different type of articulator or any other special material, please contact us. We'll make every effort to accommodate your needs. Additionally, you may also schedule an appointment with us where we can present you with our work, by either using our contact form or calling us at (781) 724 1340.